Tecnoplast is a third party producer, to order, of high precision plastic components for the household appliance, automotive and lighting industries, and also produces the moulds needed for the relative manufacturing processes.

Our service includes any further processing of the artefacts and mould maintenance.

We have an important pool of presses – 16 in Italy, 18 in Croatia and 8 in Romania – equipment and machinery (including two metalizing machines), with IT and technology standards that allow us to provide quality products, further guaranteed by trade certification achieved by Tecnoplast over the years.

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Tecnoplast stands by its customers throughout all stages of the production cycle, starting with consultancy for mould design…

Mould Construction

Tecnoplast, with its specialist know-how, is the ideal partner for constructing and servicing moulds for any type of plastic…
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Tecnoplast uses injection moulding technology to transform plastics, producing a wide range of solutions featuring different shapes…
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Heat moulding, pad printing, ultrasound and vibration welding, and painting: these are the many different types of finish that Tecnoplast can provide…
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The Tecnoplast approach to logistics is to guarantee availability of products within the agreed schedules, even when these are tight, by working together…
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Mould Servicing

Prompt response, reliability and impeccable service are the values Tecnoplast adds by responding with valid products…