To compete on the market, Tecnoplast has extremely high standards of quality and its products excel in severe selection processes and final testing, strictly observing the schedules agreed with customers.

Company governance has created a new business model based on Tecnoplast’s experience and skills, maximising its effectiveness and reinforcing its organisation. A renewed corporate culture encourages behaviour that facilitates the overall results of our processes, consequently increasing in-house efficiency, also through the holding’s worldwide reach. Product quality is excellent and represents a starting point for expressing Tecnoplast’s professionalism on a global scale.

To this must be added product certification: not only has the company adopted ISO standards, it implements and customises them for the sectors involved. This is a substantial investment in quality that has led Tecnoplast to achieve IATF certification, the highest accolade on automotive market.

The path to a new type of manufacturing has been traced, where form and substance meet.